Travel Tips

Here are just a few things to help you get started.


Passports: Make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond the time you chose to travel.


Visas: Check the visa requirements for your destination well in advance of travel and even before you depart, as visa requirements can change at any time. Visa for most passports can be purchased on arrival. Get up to date information from Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs at


Money: Egypt is fairly inexpensive when compared to many other popular tourist destinations. However, you will need to put your best bargaining skills to use. Meals and snacks are very reasonable. You can pick up a falafel flat bread sandwich for 4-6 Egyptian Pounds (LE) or a main meal for 20-200 LE.


Currency Exchange: Automatic cash machines (ATMs), banks, and money exhcangers are widely available. The rates can fluctuate so check a reliable online source such as :


Baksheesh/Tipping: Tipping is a way of life in Egypt. Everyone tips everyone, and Egyptians tip each other. However, it is still optional. Do not feel obligated. Should you get outstanding service and you want to give that little extra it is always appreciated.You give what YOU feel is appropriate! Never let anyone tell you what to tip.


Culture: Please - when you are visiting places of religious significance, both men and women should dress appropriately. Men and women should have their legs and shoulders covered.


Please note ladies... this is not Europe. If you wear a mini skirt or really short shorts or cleavage tops then expect to be stared at and whistled at and yes even hassled. I am sorry but that is just how it is.


Medical: Be prepared for a change from your regular diet. It often takes your body a little time to adjust to the different food, water, and hot weather. Pharmacies are equipped with everything you will need. The most common traveler's illness is diarrhea and (slight) stomach pain. Most people do not experience these symptoms. During the hot weather we recommend that you avoid eating red meat products and choose chicken or fish instead. Regarding water, please do not drink tap water or use it for brushing teeth. Bottled water is very cheap and available everywhere. Also bring plenty of quality sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.


Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is strongly recommended. Please organise this prior to traveling.


Electricity & Power Cords:  Buy an electrical adapter for your mobile phone, camera and other electrical equipment before you leave home, as adapters can be difficult to find in Egypt. Be sure to bring your power cords!


Communications: We have free WIFI available throughout the hotel. Most mobile phones work in Egypt. The best option is when you arrive get yourself an Egyptian sim card and use that.


Useful Arabic words to know:

English                  Arabic

Hello                     Marhaba

Good Morning       Sabah al khaer

Good evening         Masa al khaer

Good night            Tesbah ala care

Thank you             Shokran

No, thank you        La Shokran

How much?           Beekam?

My name is ..         Ismee …

What is your name? Esmak ay?