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Edfu - was a flourishing city in Ancient Times. Today, the most important monument in the city of Edfu is the Temple of Horus, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and preserved Temples in Egypt

Kom Ombo - was the ancient city of Pa-Sebek (translated to mean the "home of Sebek"), the crocodile god. Crocodiles were worshipped in pre-dynastic times and the temple at Kom Omba is dedicated to this Egyptian god. Of note concerning this temple is its unusual style. It is actually two separate temples joined on one side. One temple is dedicated to Sebek, the crocodile god, and the second to Haroeris, Horus the Great, the solar god of war. Sebek was the god of fertility who is believed to be the creator of the world.

Abu Simbel - visit the impressive temples of Nefertari and Ramses II. They reflect the glory and grandeur of the new Kingdom. The Temple of Ramses II was dedicated to the four universal gods Ptah, Re-Her-Akhtey, Amun-Re and to Ramses II himself. The great Abu Simbel temple is also called The Sun Temple of Ramses II. The Temple of Queen Nefertari is also called Temple of Hathor who was the wife of the Sun God so in a symbolic way, the two temples, that of Ramses II and that of Nefertari, bring Rames II, Nefertari, Hathor and the Sun God together as one.

Philae Island - was a rocky island in the middle of the River Nile, south of Aswan. It was called in hieroglyphic "Apo" which means Ivory. It was also known by the Greek "Elephantine", most probably because it was an important centre of trade, especially for ivory.

The ancient Egyptians built a beautiful and magnificent temple on this island for the Goddess Isis.

The High Dam of Aswan - is a great project. In fact it was one of the most important achievements of the last century in Egypt, even for many years it was a symbol of the New Era of the Revolution of 1952. It provided Egypt with water and electricity and secured the country of the risk of the destructive inundation.



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