Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a room at your hotel?

There are several ways to book with us.

  • Booking websites: use one of the sites listed here to manage your reservation & any schedule changes. Fees are minimal & these sites will allow us both to track the details of your reservation.
    • Hotel contact. mohamed.abdou.
    • Hostelworld:
  • Use our Contact form: Click on the CONTACT tab in the menu to send us a message. Include your arrival date & time;  room & bathroom preference (room for 1-4 persons, double or twin bed; ensuite, private (hallway), or shared (hallway) bathroom. Also, tell us if you will arrive by bus, train, car, or airplane so that we can plan your transport to the hotel if desired.
  • Telephone: +20952280981. Or. 01091361544. All our staff are friendly and speak several languages.


How do I get to your hotel? And if I use transport what is the price?

We will provide up to date information once your book your room but here is the general information. Prices are estimates & may change at any time.

  • Train or bus: Our hotel is a short 5 minute walk from the bus or train station. Free transport is provided if prefer a ride.
  • Flight: We can provide a pick up for 1-3 persons for 150le or 320LE for 4-6 persons. Prepayment is requested via PayPal. We'll provide details once you make your reservations.


How do I know if you are available on the dates I require?

We will respond within 24 hours to your reservation request. If you phone us you will get the response directly.


How can I cancel my reservation?

You can submit cancellations via the booking website where you made your reservation. Otherwise, please send us an email so that we are sure it is you who cancels your booking. This reduces any errors in the cancellation process.


What is the cancellation period? Do you charge my credit card if I cancel?

We ask that you cancel your booking 24 hours prior to check in. There is no charge if you cancel on time.


How can I change my booking?

You can submit booking changes via the booking website where you made your reservation. Otherwise, please call us or email us and we will adjust your booking as requested.


Are my personal details safe to give you on this website?

We assure you that all your details remain confidential. We have updated spyware and anti-virus software.


What are your check in and check out times?

Check in is at 2 pm and out at 12 noon. Please note this varies depending on availability.


Can I book several rooms?

Of course you can.


Are children welcome?

Yes. Please use your booking website, or call or email us to discuss further.


Is breakfast included?

Breakfast is included in the standard room charge. (Not with  dorms. a surcharge of 20le applicable).We offer a breakfast buffet from 7:00 am - 10:00 am that includes: fruit, yogurt, bread, butter, jam, hard boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, fruit juice, coffee, and tea. A pancake or omelette is offered on alternating days. This menu is subject to change.


What travel documents do I need to travel to Egypt?

You need a visa to enter Egypt. To obtain the most current & up to date information, please visit Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

You should also contact your own country's state department for travel information & advisories.


I don´t want to offend the locals, are there any special dress codes or guidelines I should know about?

Egypt is a Muslim based country. Most of the locals have their shoulders and heads covered. Tourists are not expected to comply with this dress code, however, when visiting a Mosque or a Church, shoulders should be covered. Also just general respect for the culture and the people. Egyptians are pretty easy going but showing respect for their customs is important & will help build good relationships.


What is the best way to see Egypt?

Well this is a very broad question. There are several ways to get around. The most common way & affordable way to travel is by train or bus. For a little more money & a lot more flexibility, you can hire a private car. Another great way to see the unique environment of the country is to cruise along the Nile. There are many cruise options between Cairo & Luxor & Aswan. Egypt's large cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan are great sites for history, museums, culture, shopping, and dining. And, of course there is the long stretch of beaches along the Red Sea.


Just remember that the Bob Marley Hotel can offer all the best tours of Luxor, Aswan, and surrounding areas, please look at our tour page on this site. We can arrange accommodations and tours in any city you desire.


What is Baksheesh is it tipping? How much do I have to tip?

This is not an Arabic word and was introduced to Egypt by tourists. Tipping is completely up to your discretion. Should you not want to tip you don´t have to, however, service may suffer. Please remember the average Egyptian wage is LE550 a month and the cost of living here is quite high for people. So when you are given good service, consider giving a tip!


Is Egypt safe? Will I get robbed? Kidnapped? Are there any religious issues in Egypt?

Egypt is a very safe country. (Ok, except when crossing a road BE CAREFUL!) The chances of being robbed here are very very small. We are 99% sure that you wont get kidnapped, but that last 1% is the scary bit. Only kidding you are quite safe here. The Egyptian government has a specific police department just for tourists. Like every country we are sure somewhere there are religious issues. However, we see Christians and Muslims living side by side without any issues.


I heard that Egyptians are all out to rip you off? Will they hassle me?

Egyptians are not out to hurt you. They want only to make money to live. If you are hassled please be polite and tell them to leave you alone. Or you could just ignore them.